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An Invitation to attend a workshop entitled "How to Write a Proposal for the TEMPUS Programme" on Monday, December 10, 2012 at Faculty of Medicine ........ Details

Tanta University announces that its official page on Facebook is ........ Detials

Teaching staff members' participation in the permanent committees for promotion ........ Detials

The University is about to announce a public bid for the maintenance and restoration of the old administrative building of Faculty of Physical Education, Sebraby, as well as building an additional floor on it.

The University has announced a limited tender for providing the University and some of its faculties with ceiling, wall and office fans, as well as carpets ........Details

No exams at Tanta University on January 7 and 19 on the occasion of Christmas and Epiphany ........ Details

Nominations for Tanta University Appreciation Awards ........Details

An invitation to attend the Annual Scientific Conference of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department ........ Details

Tanta University President and Al-Gharbia Governor inaugurate the medical convoy at Menyat Tokh ........Details

The result of the public bid for maintaining, renewing and restoring the second floor in the Central Library Building according to the financial decision ........ Details

ICTP is cooperated with an Egyptian researcher at one of the British universities: Dr. Ahmed Abo Zayed to study the impact of Higher Education Enhancement Project (HEEP) ........Details

December 22: The start of the first term exams at Tanta University ........ Details

The university has announced a limited bid for providing the university faculties with ceiling, wall and office fans ........Details

New promotions and appointments at Tanta University ........ Details

On Monday, December 10, 2012, Competitive Projects Unit (CPU) has held a workshop about “How to Write a Proposal for TEMPUS Programme” ........Details

Graduating the seventh batch of Tanta University Public Service Center for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) ........ Details

New agricultural researches at Tanta University ........Details

Faculty of Education announces starting the activities of the Unit of Teaching English for General and Specific Purposes (the English Club) in its modern and well-qualified labs ........Details

Researches and applications of the teaching staff members' students at Department of Curricula and Teaching Methodologies, Faculty of Education, Tanta University ........Details

The Sixth Scientific Conference for Faculty of Nursing (Modern Technology and Patient-Centered Care) ........ Details

Tanta University announces a public bid for establishing auditoriums, locker rooms, toilets and swimming pool gates for Faculty of Physical Education, Sebrbay

Tanta University President receives the Minister of Education of Comoros ........ Details
At Faculty of Engineering: A symposium under the title of "Sinai and National Security" ........ Details

At Tanta University: Increasing the financial support allocated to research projects

The University President has accredited the public bid for buying and installing two elevators at Faculty of Law, Sebrbay, and an elevator at Faculty of Pharmacy ........ Details

The result of the public bid for maintaining, renewing and restoring the second floor of the Central Library Building (Campus of University Administrations)

A medical convoy from Tanta University to Al-Santa villages .......Details
The University President has accredited the result of the public bid for developing and preparing the theater and toilets at the Community Services Building at the previous Faculty of Arts, Othman Mohamed Street, Tanta ........Details
A limited tender for providing the University Warehouse with the necessary cleaning tools for the financial year 2012/2013 ........Details
Cooperation protocols in the areas of scientific research and teaching Arabic language between Chinese universities and Tanta University........ Details

JOB VACANCY: Deputy Manager for Information and Communication Technology Project (ICTP)

The organizing committee of the Third Conference for Enhancing Scientific Research (ESR)........Details
At Tanta University: Discussing the future of Arab Sports at "The International Creativity Conference." ........Details
In its session held on October 1, 2012, the University Council has announced a local tender for establishing a garage for the University vehicles at the University entrance next to the Engineering Administration....... Details
The result of the technical decision of the limited tender for purchasing the Fibroscan device necessary for the research project (Differentiating Hepatic Fibrosis in Egyptian Patients with Hepatitis C) ........Details
The University President has accredited the results of the limited tender for providing the University Public Service Center for Conferences and Ceremonies with the necessary electric appliances and curtains ........Details
For Tanta University teaching staff members: Post Graduate Studies and Research Sector announces the start of applying for University awards for the academic year 2012- 2013 ........Details
Tanta University is about to announce a limited tender for providing the University Warehouses with computer ink cartridges, photocopiers and master roll in the financial year 2012/2013....... Details
Electronic questionnaire for the teaching staff members and the assistant staff at the governmental higher education institutions ........Details
Financial loans from the University Research Fund to encourage the scientific research at faculties........Details
The Third Conference for Enhancing Scientific Research (ESR) "Research Projects and their Outcomes" which will be held on November 18-19, 2012 at the conference center, Medical Campus, Tanta University ........Details
The Digital Library training course for the teaching staff members, assistant staff and libraries and information specialists at the University on using the international databases will be on Thursday, October 18, 2012 ........Details
A limited tender for providing the University Warehouse with the necessary stationery for the academic year 2012/2013 ........Details
Tanta University discusses January 25th Revolution in Turkey ........Details
Graduating 586 new trainees from Tanta University Languages and Continuing Education Center ........Details
Minister of State for Environmental Affairs inaugurates a center for communication between the Ministry and Tanta University ........Details
The International Conference for Biosciences on December 5-6, 2012 at the Conference Center, Tanta University ........Details
Tanta University honors Major General Hamdy Bekheet, one of October War heroes ........Details
Trips and Resorts Committee at Teaching Staff Member Club announces organizing trips during the holiday of Eid Al Adha 1433 A.H /2012 A.D ........Details
At Faculty of Nursing: "Modern Technology and Nursing-Centered Care Conference" ........Details
Tanta University reaches the final round of University Football League ........Details
Prof. Rahma Soliman Bahgat, the first Dean for Faculty of Nursing from the faculty students since 30 years ........Details
Congratulations to the teaching staff members who have obtained incentive, appreciation and excellence awards at Tanta University ........Details
The treatment of 1600 patients and disbursement of 20-thousand-pound medicines in Tanta University Latest Medical Convoy ........Details
Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University, gets the international securities identification number (ISIN) and the electronic filing identification number (EFIN) of its scientific journal ........Details
The lecture rooms and auditoriums are provided with data show devices upon the instructions of Tanta University President. ........Details
At Tanta University: The study is going on regularly and the administrative employees resume their work ........Details
Faculty of Medical Sciences announces a new program that grants a Bachelor's Degree in Paramedic and Emergency Care in the Kingdom of Jordans ........Details
The letter of the University President to the Supreme Council of Universities concerning the data required to study the increase in the income of university employees ........Details
At Competitive Project Unit (CPU): New calls are launched for the following grants and projects ........Details
A public bid for the maintenance, renewing and restoration of the second floor in the Central Library Building ........Details
The Quality Assurance Unit at Faculty of Medicine celebrated the delivery of Continuous Enhancement and Qualification for Accreditation Project (CEQAP) outputs on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 .....Details
A statement about what has been mentioned in the e-portals and journals concerning the dismissed employees from Tanta University ........Details
Applying the quality standards at Tanta University is a top priority in the new academic year ........Details
In an attempt to achieve equality of opportunity and transparency, the personal interviews and written tests for admission at Tanta Faculty of Education departments are canceled .....Details
Vacancies at Tanta University .....Details
The RDI Focal Point at Tanta University Competitive Project Unit is pleased to inform you the new call of Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) of Framework Programme 7 (FP7) has been published on the participant portal .....Details
At Tanta University: Prof. Rahma Soliman, Dean for Faculty of Nursing, and Prof. Ahmad Elguindy , Vice Dean for Faculty of Medicine .....Details
The result of the technical decision taken for the bids announced by the University .....Details
At Tanta University: Converting 328 temporary employees to permanent ........Details
Medical examination Dates for the students nominated to admission in the faculties of Tanta University in the academic year 2012\2013 .......Details
Procedures to be followed by the student to get medical care at Tanta University .....Details
A New Call for research proposals on Energy … (FP7-Cooperation) ........Details
Disbursement of quality incentives starting from July 1, 2012 .....Details
A list of the students accepted in the Capacity Tests of Faculty of Physical Education at Tanta University Females Males.
Educational convoy about agricultural guidance .....Details
At Faculty of Medicine: A Symposium on Street Children on July 9, 2012 .....Details
For more news ........Details
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