For the first time doing a International Test of English Language IELTS outside of Cairo and Alexandria at the University of Tanta ..... Details

Within the framework of the facilities which are offered by the University of Tanta for students and inhabitants of the EL-Gharbia Governarate and neighboring Governarates holding the international test of English language IELTS for the first time outside of Cairo and Alexandria and it will be at the contenious learning center at the university under the supervition of the British Council based on the protocol of cooperation between the University and the Council for the first time at the level of Egyptian universities.
the students of post graduate of from the universityand outside of it take the test on the morning of Saturday, 10/09/2010 in the same fees of the British Council. Prof.Dr / Hala Ahmad Fouad Ismail b the president of the university confirmed that the Centre is preparing to hold more of the tests in coordination with the British Council where are advertised on the website of the University of Tanta , these facilities kept pace with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities provided that obtaining a certificate of English language proficiency as a prerequisite to register for master's and doctoral degrees. The student has a right to choose the place of performance test for this certificate.


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