University Administration

Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Salem

President of the University

Prof. Magdi Abdel Raouf Al-Gohari Sab'
+2 040 3317962  or +2 040 3313619 
040 3302785 

Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Salem

University Vice-President for Post-Graduate Studies and Research

Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Salem
Telephone and Fax :
+2 040 3305978

Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Daboun

University Acting Vice-President for Community Service and Enviromental Development

Prof. Emad Al-Sayed Ahmed Etman
Telephone and Fax :
+2 040 3312498 

Prof. Moddather

University Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Moddather Taha Al-Sayed Abo Al-Kheir
Telephone :
+2 040 3317236
Fax :
+2 040 3317236 

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