University Council

University Council
The University Council, headed by the University President, is formed through the membership of:
  • University Vice-Presidents.
  • Deans of the University Faculties and Institutes.
  • Four experienced members in the fields of Higher Education and public affairs. They are appointed for two renewable years upon a Presidential Decree after taking the University Council opinion. They are not allowed to have more than one membership in the councils of the universities subjected to the Universities Organization Law.
  • The University Secretary attends the Council sessions, participates in the discussions and holds the Council secretariat.

Prof. Magdi Abdel Raouf Al-Gohari Sab'
 President of the University


Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Salem

University Vice-President for Post-Graduate Studies and Research


Prof. Emad Al-Sayed Ahmed Etman University Acting Vice-President for Community Service and Enviromental Development Member

Prof. Moddather Taha Al-Sayed Abo Al-Kheir

University Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs


Prof. Atef Mohammed Badawi

Dean of Faculty of Education


Prof. Tarek Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Fayed

Dean of Faculty of Science


Prof. El Refaey Ibrahim El Refaey Mobark

Acting Dean of Faculty of Commerce


Prof. Mohamed Zaki El-Sedemy

Dean of Faculty of Arts


Prof. Nahla Elsayed Abdullah Elashmawy

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy


Prof. MOhammed Ebraheem Ali Mohammed

Dean of Faculty of Law


Prof. Emad El-sayed Ahmed Etman

Dean of Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Adel El Sayed Mohammed Abou Zaid Dean of Faculty of Agriculture


Prof :Azza Shawky Abd Elaziz Al wesamy

Dean of Faculty of Physical Education


Prof. El-Sayed Mohammed Mazroe Dean of Faculty of Specific Education Member

Prof. Eqbal Fathallah Nour El ddine El-Shafie

 Dean of Faculty of Nursing


Prof. Amgad Abdel Raouf Farahat Metwalli Dean of Faculty Of Medicine Member

Prof. Huda Rashad Mohammed Amin Rashad

 Dean of Faculty Of Dentistry


Minister\ Said Mustafa Kamel

El-Gharbia Governor


Mr. Hassan Sobhi Al-Hibeishy

University Secretary General

Council Secretary

University Council Terms of Reference:

According to the Universities Organization Law No. 49 in 1972 modified by Law No. 54 in 1973, the University Council is responsible for:/span>
  • Affairs of planning, coordination, organizing and monitoring
  • Executive affairs
  • Miscellaneous affairs
Technical Committees of the University Council:
The University Council forms these committees from its members, the teaching staff members and the specialists after studying the topics of their specialty and suggesting the necessary action.
Upon the Executive Bylaw of the Universities Organization Law No. 49 in 1972 modified by Law No. 54 in 1973, these committees are responsible for
  1. Laboratories and Scientific Devices Committee
  2. University Libraries Committee
  3. University Buildings Committee
Faculty Council Secretariat Affairs:
  • Receiving the topics that have to be discussed in the Faculty Council, preparing the agendas, sending invitations and doing council secretarial work.
  • Preparing the memosto bediscussed in theFaculty Council, taking in consideration that they are not within the jurisdiction of other units.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the decisions of the faculty council and the Supreme Council of Universities which are related to the faculty affairs.
  • Receiving, classifying and keeping the decisions of the councils and different committees as well as the acts, regulations, publications, decisions and the advisory opinions of the Faculty workflow and the implementation of the presidential authority constructions.
  • Monitoring the work of the secretariat and the faculty departments' councils.
  • Taking the procedures of disbursement of the bonus of the external members who participate in the faculty councils and committees
  • Preparing the periodic and annual reports about the activity of the faculty council and its committees.
  • Carrying out the incoming, outgoing, preservation, copying and printing works and distributing responsibilities.
  • Mr. Sameer Abdel Hak Zakria, Director of the University Council Secretariat, acting as the Council Secretary
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