Correction on stop enrollment

On October 29, 2014, University Council approved the opinion of legal advisor of the University ratified by University President on September 14, 2014 concerning enrollment suspension cases as follows:

1- Reasons that prevent regularity of study which include disasters that prevent a student from being regular in study, cases of delegation for national missions, death of relatives of first degree (of parents or sons) which causes irregularity of study, cases of necessity estimated by University Council.

2- Child care.

3- Recruitment or being summoned for military service.

4- Traveling abroad for spouse accompaniment.

5- Cases of long illness.

6- If Faculty Council approved enrollment suspension without indentifying a period, the suspension period is one academic year with no need to present the matter to Faculty Council once again to determine the period of suspension. As for travelling abroad for work, it contradicts with study continuity and it is a matter that occur with student’s will. Imprisonment and arrest in implementation of a final ruling happen because of actions done by the imprisoned or arrested person. Therefore, travelling abroad for work, imprisonment and arresting are not reasons for enrollment suspension according to the opinion of University legal advisor.

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