Papers Required for Joining Postgraduate Studies

• (4) Copies of postgraduate studies joining form. (Available at faculties)

• (4) Opinion poll forms. (Available at faculties)

• (4) Information forms. (Available at faculties)

• (1) Original Higher Education Certificate the students gained.

• Ratified and certified original university qualifications that the student gained.

• A copy of the passport.

• (6) Personal photos of the student.

• Ratification by the students that he is resident inside the country for the period determined by University Council.

• A list of the subjects he studied during the period of study.

• Approval from the embassy the student is affiliated to in Cairo.

• A certificate of the Egyptian Ministry of Health informing that the student is not infected with AIDS. This approval is submitted after the approval of the Incoming Students.

• An equivalence certificate of qualifications gained by the students and payment of fees and charges (except for the first university degree).

• Filling in the information form on the electronic site of Incoming Students General Administration.

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