Preparing Answer Sheets for Grading

Results committees prepare answer sheets for grading in a way that ensures confidentiality and accuracy of work of control committee according to the sticking system as follows:

• Folding and sticking the part prepared for writing student’s name and sitting number on cover of answer sheets next to student’s name or separating the ticket prepared for that after writing the secret number on it and on the sheet.

• Making sure that a student has written his name and sitting number in the place allocated for that and has not left any recognizable trace resulting from the pressure of writing otherwise the trace must be removed.

• Answer sheets are put into envelopes on which number of sheets it contains, department and division must be written, in addition to the top mark used in grading and graders’ names.

• Number of sheets contained in envelopes are added and compared to the total number of answer sheets according to the lists.

• Envelops are delivered to specialized grading committees or to Head of specialized department if graders are deputized. This is after signing a paper showing what was delivered and date of delivery.

If a distinguished mark is discovered on any answer sheet which is doubted to have been made deliberately to expose the entity of student, Control Head notifies chairman of grading committee to take specific procedures to grade this sheet via a special committee he forms provided that it is graded in the place of the specialized control committee.

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