Committees correctors

Based on suggestions of departments’ councils, Faculty Council forms committees for grading exams provided that the following criteria are taken into consideration in formation and in work distribution among their members:

• Two graders at least participate in grading each answer sheet. They must not be married or relatives of the first or second degree. It is not allowed for grader to grade the entire answer sheet alone.

• A grader grades answer of the same question in all answer sheets using a red pen.

• A grader apologies for not grading if he is a relative of a student till the fourth degree.

• Professor of the subject of Department Head follows up passage of answer sheets among participant graders and seeks to finish this process three weeks’ time as maximum from date of holding the exam.

• A grader must sign the grade he gave and the final grader adds the grades a student got, writes it in words and signs it. Department Head of subject Professor keep a signature form of each grader to be used when needed.

• Task of a grader is finished after writing the grade and writing it again in words. After that, a grade that has been estimated and written on the cover of answer sheet cannot be modified. There must not be any scraping or modification in grades or the grades written in words unless this is done with clear signature.

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