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Recording in Mark lists of the Subject

• Result preparation committee prepares mark lists after recording marks of term works, marks of practical exam if there is any, and then marks of theoretical exam. Cases of absence with excuse and without excuse are shown in these lists. (Marks of current exam are written in blue).
• Mark lists are considered important evidence that is not less significant than answer sheets and control lists. These lists are kept with control lists.
• Revision committees must abide by some important regulations and bases such as:

o Exam plans mentioned in internal bylaws of faculties.
o Rules of increasing the mark that are ratified by University Council.
o Lists of students’ sitting numbers that are ratified by Faculty Administration.
o Results of previous exams (the year before).
o The following elements must be revised:
o Students’ names in control lists must be compared to students’ names in lists of sitting numbers ratified by specialized bodies at the faculty.
o Titles of curricula in each diploma and specialization as well as the full mark in each curriculum must be revised.
o All marks of each student must be revised to make sure that the total mark and the general estimation are correct.
o Data and ends of estimations in marks of different subjects must be revised to ensure that subjects of failure, absence, deprivation or cancellation are written inside a red circle.
o Revision of applying adopted rules and decisions of increasing marks.

• A sub-committee is formed from efficient and skillful personnel in the field of revision of applying marks increase rules from employees at University General Administration to revise again applying marks increase rules as these rules are considered one of the most important and accurate revision works that has a direct influence on student’s final results. Work of that committee must begin immediately after finishing different results of the control.
• Chairman and members of faculties exams revision committee must not under any circumstances modify marks or estimations of any student in control sheet of results or announce by themselves. Any correction is made in its time by specialized control committee.
• General Manager of Postgraduate Studies and Research, member of direct supervision committee, undertakes the responsibility of following up performance of committees, commitment of their members and rates of work and achievement in order to report these facts to University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research.
• Employees at University Administration who have relatives till the fourth grade of kinship or affinity must not participate in works of revision committees regarding the diploma in which those relatives study.

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