Rules governing petitions

Regulations of Petitions Presented by Students who are Aggrieved by their Results

1- A student can present a petition to Faculty vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research to make sure of recording his or her marks in any number of subjects during a period that is no more than two weeks form date of announcing the result with a fee for each subject.

2- Students’ petitions are transferred to chairman of specialized control to make sure that the marks are recorded correctly in answer sheet and different recording lists because there may be a material error in recording and there may be parts of an answer that were not marked. In that case, graders committee is summoned to complete marking that sheet secretly in the headquarters of control committee in presence of chairman of specialized control.

3- Postgraduate Studies Administration at the faculty notifies the student with result of the petition with an official letter. If a student’s grievance about result of his or her exam is true in one curriculum or more, necessary procedures are taken in addition to reimbursement of the fees previously paid. In all cases, a student is not allowed to see his answer sheet.

4- If there is modification in a student’s result, the modification is made after issuing a decision from Faculty Council approving the modification in all copies of exam results.

5- Students’ grievances can be accepted about revision of recording their marks in curricula they took their exams in the first term immediately after announcement of exam results of this term without waiting for announcement of final exam results based on students’ results and their personal preference after paying the required fees.

6- No answer sheet can be marked again unless there is a request from specialized Administrative Court based on a lawsuit.

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