General Rules

• Faculty Dean forms committees for preparing results from teaching staff at the University and at faculties where there is not a sufficient number of teaching staff. Assistant lecturers can be members of these committees as well as employees in Postgraduate Studies Sector at University Administration. A committee member must abstain from this membership if he or she is a relative as far as the fourth degree of one of students who are under authorities of the committee. Abiding by the following rates must be taken into consideration:
• One member for 75 students at scientific faculties and departments.
• One member for 150 students at theoretical faculties and departments.
• Chairperson of Exam Committee: Chairperson of exam committee of each round must be one of professors at the Faculty or the University. If professors are not available, he can be one of Assistant Professors. He undertakes the following tasks:
• To apply instructions needed for good progress of exam and to prevent any cheating, trial of cheating or breaching discipline.
• To make sure that proctors and observers come half an hour before beginning the exam and stay all the period of the exam, to ratify their attendance lists, to inform Faculty Dean with their absence, being late or leaving exam room before finishing their work.
• To complete or change anyone of the observers according to needs of the exam from substitutes and not to allow any observer to leave exam room unless another one replaces him or her from the substitutes.
• To allow students who are fifty minutes late for beginning of the exam to enter exam room. As for students who come later, their matter is presented to the general director of exams.
• Envelopes containing questions sheets are delivered from control committee enough time before beginning of the exam after verifying that their data comply with exam schedule.
• Envelopes containing answer sheets are delivered from control committees or preparation committees affiliated to it half an hour at least before beginning of the exam verifying that their data comply with students who are going to take the exam.
• To revise preparation of answer sheets and arrange them after end of exam to deliver them to specialized control committee.
• To allow students to go to the toilets inside or near exam room accompanied by one of substitute observers after making sure that students do not have any cheating tools and that there are no cheating tools in the toilets.
• To dismiss students who are caught cheating, trying to cheat or breaching discipline through making him leave his or her chair and keeping him inside exam room. A student is not dismissed outside exam room unless there is an approval from Faculty Dean or his deputy in this matter in application for stipulations of article 125 of the executive bylaw of Universities Organization Law after writing a report on the case signed by the proctor and observer. The report is ratified by chairman of the committee. In such case, the student is dismissed accompanied by the proctor of his or her committee who has the report and the caught documents. The student is presented to Faculty Dean or his deputy immediately to take required measures.
• To ratify lists of attendance and absence after verifying the validity of their data.

Confidentiality of Works of Exam Committee

All required precautions are taken to secure the headquarters of results preparation committees and keep confidentiality and complete safety of their works, particularly prohibition of entering any students or unspecialized person to headquarters of results preparation committees. In addition, students are not allowed to stay near these committees.

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