Administrative Structure

Upon the keenness of Tanta University on providing the organizational information for its leaders and all those concerned with the organizational studies in order to raise the efficiency of administrative performance in the University main sectors, faculties and different units, Tanta University has issued an administrative manual. The manual includes, in its first part, the organizational and staffing structures of the University (Sections of Tanta Education & University Hospitals). The second part includes the decrees and bylaws governing the special units with detailed information about the objectives and specializations of these units in recognition of their role in community service and environmental development.
In addition, the manual includes a further part about the University organizational projects.
As a culmination to this meaningful work, the manual has been supported with the decrees issued recently by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration about developing and evaluating the jobs included in the organizational and staffing structures of the University to be the basis of its experts in their discussion about the University suggestions in this regard.

Issuing this manual, the University hopes to participate in disseminating the organizational awareness among its employees and provide those interested and working in the area of universities administrative

Administrative Structure

President of Tanta University
( 'Prof. Magdi Abdel Raouf Al-Gohari Sab )

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