The Social Activity

Goals of The Social Activity:

It dealt with the social dimension and participation of male and female students in social activities, on society level through:

  • The national campaign for blood donation.
  • Medical convoys for serving villagers.
  • Different competitions such as ideal male student and ideal female student on the University Level.
  • Visiting orphanages and giving presents to orphans.
  • Organizing a tournament, broadcast on TV, among different faculties and middle Delta universities.

How Can You Participate in the Social Activity?

You can participate by enrolment in one of the activities or competitions organized by the Department. Enrolment is at the Department building in the Medical Campus or Youth Welfare Administration at your faculty.

Conditions and Procedures of Ideal Male Student and Ideal Female Student:

  1. Getting a form from Youth Welfare Administration at the faculty.
  2. Filling the form and ratifying it from Student Affairs Administration.
  3. Gaining the highest estimation.
  4. A Student should have done a remarkable and prominent activity.
  5. A Student must not be one of the students who have had any punishment.
  6. A Student must pass competition tests. 

Achievements of Social Administration Administration in the Academic Year 2015-2014

The Ideal Male Student and the Ideal Female Student on the University Level, in the Academic Year 2014-2015

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