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In cooperation with Arab Universities which are members in Arab Universities Union, the Arab Council offers training chances for Arab Universities Students in different specializations through student training exchange programs. On top of the administrative structure of the Arab Council for training the students of Arab Universities Union, is the Arab Council for Training Arab Universities Students, which is supervised by the administrative board. The Arab Council Dirctor is in charge of making procedures achieving the objectives of the council and implementing its decisions, according to the bylaws set by the administrative board. In addition, the Arab Council Dirctor has connections with representatives of Arab universities; each one is responsible for training in his or her university and attends the annual Arab meeting for Arab universities students training exchange. Moreover, training representatives at Arab universities coordinate with relevant bodies in their universities to set necessary training programs and provide accommodation and sustenance for trainee Arab students.

Objectives of Student Exchange

  • Fostering the relations among Arab Universities Students

  • Making use of practical training facilities available in each Arab university

  • Providing a student with opportunity to know civilizations, cultures, habits and study styles at the participant Arab universities.

Rules of Student Exchange
  • Abiding by the specific correspondence forms used for exchange procedures with participant Arab universities.

  • Sending arrival directions for students who come for training two weeks, at least, before their travel.

  • Providing students, travelling for training, with information about those in charge of training such as their names, addresses and phone numbers so that they can arrive easily if it is difficult to receive them at the airport.

  • Meeting student, travelling for training, before travelling to inform them with life styles and circumstances in the Arab countries they are travelling to.

  • Visiting student training places to know the actual training level offered for them.

  • Continuous follow up of trainee students, in addition to meeting these students frequently to discuss and solve any problems facing them.

  • Distributing questionnaires to students to know the advantages and disadvantages of training.

  • Organizing a recreational trip for students at the end of training to different tourist sites.
    The First Student Exchange between Tanta and Other Universities
    Tanta University took part, for the first time, in the fifth Arab meeting for exchanging training offers of participant Arab Universities students. That meeting was held in February 1999.
    At that time, the General Administration of Education and Student Affairs undertook the administrative, technical and financial procedures related to exchanging training offers, which were made during the meeting events.
    Conditions for University Nomination
    In its tenth session of the academic year 1998-1999 held on May 9, 1999, about determining University students nomination conditions for attending student training at Arab universities, Tanta University Council approved the following conditions:
    *A student must not be enrolled in the first or the final year at his or her faculty.
    *A student must be excellent at his or her study.
    *A student must have enough general knowledge and be good at one foreign language; English or French.
    *A student must pay 25% of the ticket cost to the country where the university that offers the training lies.

  • University Participation Fees in the Arab Council for Training Arab Universities Students
    Tanta University pays annual participation fees of 300 American dollars to the Arab Council for Training Arab Universities Students, in account No. 02526140439 at Cairo Amman Bank, The Jordanian University Branch; Amman, Jordan.
    The Grant Offered to the University Annually for its Participation in Training Arab Universities Students

  • After finishing the training and presenting the University report about it, the Arab Council for Training Arab Universities Students sends a cheque, for the value of the financial grant it offers, to the University. It is worth mentioning that the value of this grant depends on the number of Arab Universities students whom the University have received during training period. The last cheque received by the University was cheque No. 38920 on December 24 for 1640 dollars at Cairo Amman Bank, The Jordanian University Branch, as a grant from the Arab Council for Training Arab Universities Students the Arab Council for Training Arab Universities Students, for receiving and training Arab Universities Students in 2007 summer.
    Programs Offered to Egyptian or Arab Students During their Visit to Each University
    Each university is in charge of determining its own training programs enough time before beginning the training. At Tanta University, faculties participant in the exchange are informed with implementation date enough time before this exchange, so that they can prepare student theoretical\ practical training programs, to receive nominated Arab trainee students at each faculty.

  • Total Expenditure on Student Exchange
    *300 American dollars as a participation fees.
    *Nutrition at University Hostels is implemented according to the number of Arab students received by the University and the prices of the food supplier.
    *Recreational programs and finishing ceremony is made by the University General Administration of Public Relations, which prepares tourist recreational programs for trainee students and gets the required loans to pay for these programs and the finishing ceremony.

  • Formation of Exchange Training Arab Universities Students Office
  • Tanta University Received 77 Male and Female Students in the Academic Year 2009-2010.
    Statistics about the results of Exchange Training Arab Universities Students since the Fifth Arab Meeting in February, 1999.

Structure Formation of Arab Universities Students Training Exchange Office

  • Tanta University Has Received 77 Male and Female Students Representing 13 Arab University in the Academic Year 2009-2010

  • Statistics about the Results of Tanta University Students Training Exchange with Arab Universities since the Fifth Arab Meeting in February 1999

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