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Objective of Student Groups:
A group consists of a brother, a sister, a secretary and a rapporteur. It practices different activities (sport, social and cultural ones) under the slogan “Everyone in the group determines his or her goal in the light of law and under patronage of the faculty and the University”.

How Can You Be a Member in a University Student Group?
You have to go to supervisor of groups committee at the faculty in Student Welfare Administration to get the forms prepared for this purpose which are as follows:

  • A request to the Faculty Dean about formation or renewal of a group.
  • Model of forms that include lists of students participating in the group.
  • Model of the forms that present the annual plan, aims and programs of the group.
  • Model of the forms that show the organizational structure of the group.

Conditions of Forming Student Groups at the Faculties:
There are conditions and general remarks that must be taken into consideration when forming a group as follows:

  • Students participating in the group must be 50 or more.
  • A group leader must be a professor or an assistant professor from the faculty.
  • The elder sister or brother of the group had better be an assistant lecturer or a demonstrator at the faculty.
  • A group must have an administrative board including the group leader, the elder brother, the rapporteur, the fund trustee and activities trustees.
  • Any activity done by the group must be via the activity responsible person; i.e. the one in charge of groups committee at Youth Welfare. Ten days before the activity, it must be approved by submitting a petition to the faculty dean.
  • All forms and lists previously mentioned must be sealed.
  • A student’s quartet name, address and ID number must be written down.

Tasks of Student Group Department:

The Student Group Department supervises the following:

  • Ratifying the student groups at faculties according to the regulating rules.
  • Competitions and tournament of student groups on faculties and University levels.

Plan of Student Groups Activity in the Academic Year 2008-2009:


Implementation Date

Implementation Place

University Championship in Ping Pong

November 2088

University courts

Researches Competition on faculties level

January 2009

The Department

University Championship in Futsal

March 2009

University courts

Memorization and Recitation of the Holy Qur’an and Religious Research Competition

March 2009

The Department

A trip to Book Fair

February 2009


The Cultural Tournament of Student Groups

February 2009

The Department

A trip to Port Said

April 2009

Port Said

Celebrating orphan day

April 2009

University playgrounds


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