The Sport Activity

Goal of the Sport Activity:

The goal is to give due care to male and female students distinguished at different sport fields; collective and individual sports, as there are diverse playgrounds and courts that are available and ready to receive faculties sport teams of all games.

How Can You Participate in the Sport Activity?

You can participate by enrolment in one of the collective or individual games organized by the Department. Enrolment is at the Department building in the Medical Campus or Youth Welfare Department at your faculty.

The Final Report on Sport Competitions in the University Internal Tournament 2010-2011

A Report on University Paralympics Championship from November 28 to December 2, 2010

Sport Activity Achievements in the Academic Year 2009-2010

Sports You Can Participate in:

Collective Games

Individual Games

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Volleyball
  4. Handball
  5. Ping Pong
  6. Athletics (male and female students)
    1. Judo
    2. Wrestling
    3. Weight Lifting
    4.  Body Building
    5. Tae Kwon Do
    6. Kung Fu 
    7. Fencing
    1. Boxing
    2. Karate
    3. Squash
    4. Tennis
    5. Swimming
    6. Gymnastics

Sport Activity Plan in the Academic Year 2008-2009:


Implementation Date

Implementation Place

The Activating Ramadan Tournament at University faculties

During Ramadan 1429

The Medical Campus

Ramadan Tournament organized by the Sport Union of Egyptian universities

During Ramadan 1429

Egyptian universities

Universities Tournament in Individual Sports and Collective Games

From November 1, 2008 to January 20, 2009

The University Stadium, The Medical Campus, Tanta Stadium Swimming Pool and The Governorate Stadium

Participation in the Track Race on Egyptian universities level

November 2009

Tanta University and other Egyptian universities

Sectors Tournament

December 2008

As determined by the Sport Union of Egyptian universities

Sport teams training centres

February 1, 2009; the beginning of Egyptian Universities Tournament

The University Stadium, The Medical Campus and Tanta Stadium

Meetings with universities and sport bodies

March 2009

The University Playgrounds and other clubs

Egyptian Universities Tournament

March and April 2009

The University Playgrounds and other universities

Participation in the activities of Egyptian universities

April and May 2009

Egyptian universities

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