Student Training Activity

Goals of This Activity:

This activity is considered a fertile soil that develops students’ skills, experience and productive abilities along with their creative skills. The purpose is achieving quality, comprehensive proficiency, as well as directing male and female students’ energies and innovations towards participation in productive projects that benefit them.

Activity Fields:

Students are trained in diverse fields at an integrated centre. These fields are:

  • Sewing
  • Tailoring and knitting             
  • Artistic crafts    
  • Embroidery

Duties of Student Training Department:

  • The Department presents students’ production via the annual exhibition held in one of University Faculties.
  • In addition, Student Training Department takes part in making objects needed by faculties and universities such as robes, flags and requirements of artistic and sport teams.
  • The Department has got many sections and special machines that suits needed products.

The achievements of student training for the academic year 2014/2015 ... Details

Some Products of Student Training Activity:

To Register and Download Microsoft Programs
A Video that shows the steps of creating an account on ORCID
A Training Course on Scopus
Page on Research Gate 
Account on Google Scholar   
Updating teaching staff's data
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