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Goals of Student Unions:

  • Enhancing spiritual and moral values, spreading national awareness among students, training them in leadership and in expressing their views in a responsible way.
  • Deepening collective spirit among students in addition to strengthen the relations between them and teaching staff members.
  • Finding out students’ talents, abilities and skills as well as developing them and encouraging students possessing these talents.
  • Making use of students’ energies to serve the society with all what benefits the nation.

How Can You Be a Member in the Student Union?

  • Student unions’ councils and their committees are elected by November each year.
  • University President issues a decree to determine the exact date of elections. No student can vote unless his or her name is registered in the student election records. In addition, the student should have paid the union fees.
  • A student should get a form from Youth Welfare Administration at his or her faculty, having three recent photographs on the date determined by the University President.

Conditions that must be met by a student who is going to stand as a candidate for membership in the committees of Student Union councils:

  • A student must be Egyptian.
  • A student must be a regular one and must be a new student in his class not a retested one.
  • A student must be one of the students who have paid the Union fees.
  • A student must have good morals.
  • A student must have a noticeable activity in the field of the committee for which he is elected.
  • A student must not be one who had a freedom-restricting punishment or whose membership, at a student union or one of it committees, was deleted or suspended.

Duties of Student Unions Administration:
Student Unions Administration supervises the following:

  • Organizing Student Union elections at all University faculties.
  • Organizing the elections of University Student Union Council.
  • Holding a duty-beginning ceremony for the elected council.
  • Organizing other activities done by the Administration, according to its annual plan, such as leaders’ preparation courses for Union members, trips and cultural symposiums.
  • Coordination between the elected council and different sections of Youth Welfare General Administration.


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