Chairman of the Sector

النواب السابقيين
Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Dabeon
University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

The process of development and updating of any system must begin with a documentation of what has been achieved in this field in order to set strategies and draw up plans for work in the future.

As a contribution from us in this field, work is being accomplished in cooperation with general managers at the sector and vice deans of faculties at the University so as to elevate Community Service and Environmental Development Sector.

In order to make better achievement as we are keen on distinguished methodological work, in recognition of the significance of Community Service and Environmental Development Sector, in appreciation of its cultural and scientific role, in order to enhance its current and future rank and as we hope to develop its performance system to reach the ideal expected image, I wish that this sector with all its various branches will offer a renewable contribution in the giving of Tanta University and in the search for a future vision that is brighter form all aspects.

Thereupon, I thank faculties’ vice deans for Community Service and Environmental Development Sector, general managers of the sector and its employees as they are eager to determine the job description so that they can know their essential role in the structure and achievements of this sector. As part of the enthusiasm to serious constructive practices with more clarity and transparency, this work presents some of the achievements accomplished last year 2011 and thanks to all people who have participated or are participating in this work and the University creative work in a truthful way to gain God's satisfaction and achieve country's progress.

I sincerely thank my colleagues and the University President for their efforts, for continuation of the movement and for their future vision of achievements on the level of student affairs, postgraduate studies and research which serve the country, make our University occupy high rank and help us upgrade Community Service and Environmental Development Sector to play its role in serving the University and the community.  

Hopefully, Allah will guide us all to serve this country, elevate it and achieve its progress in support of history, light of future and sun of freedom.


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