Employees Welfare

The General Administration of Employees Welfare:
Services Assigned to the Administration:
  • To offer employees means of transport from and to the workplace.
  • To offer means and systems of medical treatment to the employees and their families.
  • To organize trips; social and religious trip, sightseeing and summer resorts, for the employees and their families.
  • To establish a club for the employees.
  • To establish cooperative and consumer associations in cooperation with specialized bodies.
  • To organize time sharing in housing cooperative associations at the University.
  • To create funds and associations of social solidarity.
  • To found kindergartens for employees' children and to supervise them.
The General Administration of Employees Welfare: ration of Employees Welfare:

Mr. Mohammed Naguib Abdel Rahim Al-Fakharani, Director of the General Administration of Employees Welfare
Mobile: 0180950432
The administration internal phone number: 213
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