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Honoring 21 Ideal Mothers at Tanta University

   Tanta University organized a ceremony to honor ideal mothers under patronage of Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, University President, with precautions against COVID-19 in Conference Hall at the headquarters of University Administration.  

   The ceremony was attended by Prof. El-Refai Moubarak, University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs; Prof. Kamal Okasha, University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs; and Mr. Ahmed Rashad\ Secretary-General of the University.   

   Twenty-one ideal mothers of ancillary workers were honored namely Hanan Abdel Baqi Ibrahim, Nagat Salah Al-Din Mohammed, Manal Sayed Mohammed and Sanaa Abdel Halim Ahmed. In addition, some mothers of students with special needs were honored; they are Tawhida Mokhtar Awad, Hayam Abdel Malek Abdel Rahman, Asmaa Metwally Abo Ghaly and Eman Shawky Abdel Gawwad. Some mothers of students who are outstanding at sport activities were honored namely Shadia Ahmed Ragab, Azza Mohammed Ahmed, Sama Mohammed Hassan and Dr. Hanan Mohammed Emara Al-Saadany.  

    Furthermore, some administrators were honored including Ayat Abdel Sayed Al-Komy, Nadia Abdel Aziz Bayoumi, Magda Hamed Al-Sayed, Nagwa Mohammed Ibrahim Keikal and Al-Sayyeda Hassan Mohammed El-Khodeiry. Some academic staff members were honored as well; they are Prof. Aliaa Mohammed Al-Refaei, Prof. Howeida Mahmoud Al-Etriby, Prof. Heba Bahey Al-Din Rabei and Prof. Amina Mohammed Al-Nabawy Al-Hossary.  

   The judgment committee included Prof. Ahmed Zaki Mansour, Professor at Faculty of Education; Prof. Mirvat Hassan Shalaby, Professor of Mental Health at Faculty of Nursing; and Mr. Mohammed Al-Kasir, General Manager of Youth Welfare.      


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