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Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, "An Integrated Strategy to Develop Health Care System at University Hospitals"

  • Inaugurating the new Surgery Hospital next September 
  • The hospital has 760 beds, 18 operating theatres and 68 intensive care beds 
  • Intensive care units at the hospital are equipped with new artificial ventilation devices and dialysis units 
  • Prof. Ahmed Ghoneim, "The new Nephrology Hospital is provided with a surgical robot."  

 Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, affirmed that an integrated strategy was devised to develop the medical care system at University Hospitals according to the latest international standards to improve health care and to offer quality medical services to patients in implementation of the presidential initiatives in health sector.  

   Tanta University President pointed out that the equipment of the new Surgery Hospital is being supplied so that it can be inaugurated next September. He declared that the hospital will have 760 beds, 68 intensive care beds, and 18 operating theatres with the latest devices in the world.  

    Moreover, University President indicated that the Sector of Intensive Care at University Hospitals is being developed; new artificial ventilation devices and dialysis units are being supplied. He stated that University Hospitals have 9 intensive care units with 280 beds and that 86 new beds will be added at the new Surgery Hospital.   

    In addition, Prof. Ahmed Ghoneim, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of University Hospitals’ Board, declared that Ophthalmology Hospital is being developed and new devices are being supplied. He added that the infrastructure of the hospitals is being enhanced and that Nephrology and Urology Hospital is being equipped with a surgical robot for the first time in Middle Delta.   


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